What is a Courier Plus?

What is a Courier Plus?
A Courier is ready and equipped to deliver large orders that typically contain many items,  pans and catering trays, and/or several pizza boxes. When your market is growing its Courier+fleet, you will receive an email requesting a photo of your equipment, including at least 3 large thermal delivery bags.

How do I become a Courier Plus?
When your local market is growing its Courier+fleet, our local team will reach out if you are a good fit.

What type of thermal bags do I need?
You will need at least three large thermal bags in order to be considered for large Courier+ orders. These orders typically contain many items, pans and catering trays, and/or several pizza boxes (20"x20"). Having the proper equipment enables you to deliver these orders at the right temperature.

Please note: tote bags are not large enough or properly insulated for these orders, so they will not count toward the Courier+ 3 bag minimum.

You can use any large thermal delivery bags. Your bags do not have to be Caviar-branded, though it's helpful for restaurants and customers to identify you if they are.

How can I purchase a thermal bag?
There are several online retailers with suitable catering bags. Here are some examples:

Heavy Duty Pizza Delivery Bag
Insulated Catering Pan Carrier

You can also visit our online store to purchase a Caviar branded car bag. We will ship your bags directly to you or you can pick them up locally, if available. We do not ship to PO boxes.

What happens once I am approved for Courier Plus?
Once you have been approved for Courier+, you will receive large orders in addition to regular orders through your Courier app. A large portion of these orders come from corporate clients who order Monday-Friday during lunch.

You may receive large pre-order assignments the night before between 8am and 9pm via your Courier app. Please be ready to accept them in your Courier app at that time. If you do not reply within the normal 2-minute expiration, we may move on to offer it to other couriers. 

You may also receive both advance and as pre-assignments in the morning as orders come in, usually starting around 10am.

Keep in mind that we will not always have catering orders available to you, but you will be eligible for those orders when we do have them available and need to assign to a Courier.

Please note that if you incur any major un-revokable violations going forward, this may result in your Courier+ status being removed. 
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