Parking Ticket Policy

In some cities, Caviar offers pay adjustments to help with parking tickets while received while picking up or dropping off deliveries. Caviar may offer assistance with the first parking ticket while submitted by the courier, regardless of the number of orders delivered. Subsequently, Caviar may assist with an additional parking ticket if you've delivered 100 orders since we last assisted with your parking ticket.

Parking Ticket Criteria
  • The parking ticket must be issued by a government agency 
  • Ticket(s) must be submitted to Caviar within 15 days of the date of issuance
  • The ticket must be associated to a completed order
  • The citation must be listed as an approved citation Type in our Parking Ticket Policy
  • The order number must be provided at the time of submission to Caviar
  • You must have valid insurance on file here

For more detailed information about our Parking Ticket Policy and the types of violations we assist with, please click here.

How do I submit a parking ticket to Caviar?

1. Visit our Contact Form
2. Select the topic "[Existing Courier] Parking Tickets"
3. In the subject field, enter the order number associated with the parking ticket. Instructions on how to locate the order number can be found below. Please note that if you cannot provide an order number then your parking ticket will be denied
4. Upload a photo of your parking ticket. The photo must of the entire parking ticket (no partial or blurry images)
5. After you have submitted your parking ticket to Caviar, please ensure you have valid insurance on file. The insurance must be valid at the time you received the parking ticket 

How do I locate the order number I received the parking ticket on?

If you are connected to the Cash App:
1). Log into the courier dashboard here
2). Click on the "Payout History" link
3). Click on the Earnings Period to view the pay period
4). Scroll to the date you received the parking ticket on. You'll be able to find the order number by clicking on the Payout Date
5). Once you have the order number, please submit it in the "Subject Box" for review

If you are connected to a Traditional Bank: 
1). Log in to the courier app
2). Click on Earnings -> Payout History

What happens after I submit my parking ticket to Caviar?

If Caviar determines that we can assist with your payment for the ticket, any verified ticket will be processed and paid to you in approximately 20 business days from the day you submitted the parking ticket. The amount will be added to your weekly payout or sent to your Cash App as an adjustment to an order; there are no cash or check payments.

**Please avoid submitting a duplicate parking ticket if we have already acknowledged your original submission. We ask that you do not send a follow up email after the 20 business days have passed as your case gets treated as a new submission and will be moved to the back of the queue.
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