Earning Milestone Bonuses

Milestone incentives are earned by meeting certain criteria related to the orders you deliver, times of day, your vehicle type, acceptance rate, and pick up location. You can see which Milestones are in effect and track your progress toward earning them in the "Milestones" section of your app. Milestones will be added to your pay automatically as you earn them. 

There are two types of Milestones.

1). Ongoing Milestones - If the Milestone is ongoing and does not end until a specific date, you will not see the payout until then.

For example, if you see a date range in the name of the Milestone this will indicate that the Milestone does not end until a specific date. In the example below, the Milestone does not end until October 15th. 

ie: "MNH Dinner Zip Bonus: October 9th - October 15th"

2). One Day Milestones - Milestones that span across one day. In the example below, you will see the payout within a few hours on your app once you have earned it. There may be a delay of 30 to 60 minutes between when you earn a Milestone and when you see it in your app.

ie: "Lunch Hustler Milestones for Cars (Monday)"

*Please keep in mind that the Milestone often takes a few hours to appear on your app, so you will be able to view the payout the following day. If you still do not see the payout in the app within 12 hours, please email us with the name of the Milestone and date you are referring to so we can investigate. 

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